Let me introduce myself!

Ellen Revello

Hi my name is Ellen and I am a very lucky mum and wife who has had the opportunity to work with my very talented children Jessica 28yrs Jackson 25yrs and Brielle 18yrs and have toured most of Australia over the past 20years. Starting out in a career as a dancer/choreographer and gymnast led me on a path to modelling/acting and stuntwork. I worked as a television hostess on channel 10's "Its a Knockout" for a couple of years at Dural. I also worked as a stuntwoman in a high wire motorcycle act 30metres in the air travelling northern Queensland. I've worked on many television commercials including an award winning tvc King Gee which ran for 12years hanging over a 2,000ft cliff at Mt. Victoria in the Blue Mountains by one arm, no computers in those days, and have acted in many movies, with many great performers along with Barry Humphries, Nicole Kidman and also Guy Pearce to mention a few. I love the entertainment business, nothing makes me happier to make people happy and enjoy nothing more than entertaining as Mrs Hug Bug the Sensational Ladybug to thousands of happy children along with my children. Its the biggest buzz of all and the most fun out of everything that I have ever done. My children are all very organic and health conscious especially Jackson with his passion for our organic garden and herbs. He has a degree in herbal medicine and has taught me a lot. We are introducing organic songs and material into our show. Its very Green & Groovy!

My youngest daughter Brielle is very passionate about ocean awareness, is an avid free-diver and does what ever she can to protect marine life on a daily basis. From picking up rubbish on the beach to volunteering for ORRCA, which has been an experience for me too babysitting seals and getting up at 5.00am to keep an eye on whales caught up in nets.

Jackson and Jessica have written some amazing new environmental songs that the kids absolutely love!

Even the mums and dads are raving about our show! Very Exciting times yet to come, I am sure!!

Our show is very interactive, we invite children to actively share in the excitement of being outdoors in the garden and growing their own organic food and exploring the world of bugs through interaction, movement, song, dance and laughter.

We even have LIVE worms on stage!

With gentle messages we educate with an active approach to gardening, health, well being, caring for our families, communities, animals, bugs and especially the environment.

Jess Revello

Hey I'm Jess! I love my part in the Jitterbugs show! Every performance is different and each audience is unique and brings a new energy and experience to the show and to me as a performer! I am proud to be a Jitterbug because it gives me a chance to share my love and joy for nature. In my own life, as a 25 year old artist/ nanny/ musician and gardener I always come back to nature to learn my greatest lessons and feelings on life. If I'm ever having a bad day I can take myself into the garden or nature and learn so much. The butterfly is all about transformation (from a caterpillar to a butterfly!) and I feel my perspective on life and myself transform every time I involve myself with nature. I love the details in the plants, the sound of the wind, watching plants I have planted, grow and attract all different insects....as well as eat the fresh food from my garden! My art is an expression of my experience in nature also! I have found so far in life that it truly is good to be alive, and that great peace lay in the appreciation of nature :) I have been performing in the Jitterbugs show for a long time but it never feels boring because after each show I am reminded about how great it is to not only love nature....but SHARE my love for the world around, with all of the boys and girls. So! I look forward to seeing you around, in the garden or at a show!! Jess the Butterfly

Jackson Revello

Im Jackson as Frankie the Spider in the show! Our family settled in the suburbs of Sydney, I never did work the Earth, I grew up playing on the television, computers and video games. A couple of years ago we moved to the Central Coast, where our home is surrounded by big gum trees and the ocean! Ive changed my mind and all of my days, every day, is spent outside and in the garden! I have been cultivating our garden for the past few years, planting a diversity of fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms! It is amazing our whole family at how much can grow on 1.5 acres so easily! Truly we can all live in forests of food. The garden has brought me to where I am now, studying Western Herbal Medicine at Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney. My passion and love for the plant kingdom and all the other creations of the Earth is what I wish to share with The Jitterbugs and all of you! Im always very excited to see how we can inspire and support one another in our great building of community!

Brielle Revello

Hi Im Brielle and I play Brie the Bee in the show! I'm currently still at school in year 12 and am passionate about animals and the ocean. I'm an ambassador for One Ocean Global, volunteer for ORRCA and participate in local Clean4Shore rubbish/debris clean ups. I am so lucky to be able to travel with my family entertaining children. My dream is to be able to incorporate marine conservation into the Jitterbugs to educate children and families all over the world on ways we can be aware and help the oceans and marine life. I believe that lots of small, individual actions can greatly impact the earth that we share with all creatures. So if we all join together we can really make a difference!