Hug Bug our Sensational Lady Bug

Hug Bug loves roses and protects flowers and vegetables from those nasty critters called Aphids (also known as plant lice). Aphids are lady bugs favourite food. Hug bug is a fun loving precious character who interacts and teaches children all about the environment and how fantastic it is to love and care for each other. She also loves to hug so come up and get a hug from Hug Bug

Jessie the Gorgeous Butterfly

Jessie the gorgeous butterfly is a major attraction. Every little girl wants to be Jessie the gorgeous butterfly. Her story of how she changes from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is an amazing tale for everyone. The transformation from the caterpillar stage, an inactive pupal stage (asleep in the cocoon) and a spectacular metamorphosis into a familiar and colourful winged butterfly form is amazing. Jessie loves to plant plants and trees for the enviornment and also loves to collect pollen and pollenate with her friend Feebee. She spends most of her days playing the Djembe, bongo's and drums and has a love for art. She is a very good artist

FeeBee Boogying Bumble Bee

Brie the boogying bumble bee keeps the children boogying and dancing with her educational segments on how bees collect the pollen from the flowers and turn it into honey. Did you know that bees are also marvellous flying machines? They can carry a load of pollen close to their own body weight. Not even the most advanced design in aircraft can take off with a load one-quarter of its own weight. The children appreciate the miracle that the boogying bumblebee can remain airborne with such a load. Bees also incredibly make one teaspoon of honey in a lifetime, how amazing that such a busy little creature can be so important for the Earth

Frankie the Spider

Frankie spends his time in the garden planting trees, vegetables and herbs. He loves to share the wisdom and knowledge that he has of gardening and herblore. He is a friendly spider and the kids love him! They also love Frankie’s cool guitar playing and harmonica. Frankie writes original songs and has some great hits that the kids love, he also is very good at surfing his web

Hopsie the Ballerina Bunny

Hopsie the ballerina bunny loves ballet and of course loves to jump. Her healthy eating habits eg. vegetables, carrots, lettuce etc contribute to promoting healthy eating habits for the children.